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‘Martin Wakefield uses photographs and AI, captions them with poetry and creates an unforgettable autobiography. He weaves past and present, real and imaginary and lands a colourful gut punch. Let these pieces wash over you and stir your emotions in ways you'd never expect.’ (Beverly Frydman)

‘In this extraordinarily inventive conceptual-poetic work, Wakefield invites us to question the knowability of self, indeed the concept of self as a singular form. The poem’s provocative combination of (religious) triptych with text-fractals evokes the materials of a glimpsed past, whilst acknowledging the impossibility of its task, in this hall of paint-by-numbers.’ (Stephen Sunderland)

‘Mr Wakefield is really one of the most inventive conceptual, visual, textual poets in England.’ (SJ Fowler)

Martin Wakefield was born and brought up in SE Essex and now lives in London. His most recent books are Poems You Can't Colour In (Hesterglock Press), handsfree with Bob Modem (Steel Incisors) and Emptpy Poems (Sampson Low).

Full-colour pamphlet, 40 pp.