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Tegg’s Nose

View from Tegg'sAilsa was delighted to be the Poet in Residence for Tegg’s Nose Country Park inĀ 2014: a wonderful opportunity to put landscape into poetry, and poetry into landscape!

She sought inspiration throughout the year by visiting the park and participating in some of its events. Each month Ailsa wrote a poem capturing a snapshot of life within the country park. The poems were published on the Tegg’s Nose facebook page and on the Moormaid PressĀ photo-poem blog. Printed versions of the poems were pinned up in the Tegg’s Nose Country Park Visitor Centre.

Ailsa’s hope for the residency was that the poetry would not only document a year in the life of Tegg’s Nose but also capture some of the park’s natural magic. Read the poems and see if you think she succeeded… :-)