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TIME CRACKS by Beverly Frydman and Rochelle Robshaw


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‘I sometimes think the miracle of daily life rests in how it seems both so mundane and so profound all at once. Time Cracks captures this feeling perfectly, zigzagging between death, inner anguish, buying new shoes, fantasising about the Ferrero Rocher downstairs and a lot in between. Beautiful, moving and often very funny.’ (Will Ashon, The Passengers)

‘These Tuesday shards of Beverly and Rochelle’s daily correspondence refract pain, humour, frustration, joy and anger over eight years of this ‘poor little day’. In the ordinary they find extraordinary poetry: so light and piercing that it stays with the reader all week.’ (Laura Davis, Found and Lost)

No one makes Beverly laugh more than ROCHELLE ROBSHAW, a writer with excellent comic timing.
Rochelle thinks BEVERLY FRYDMAN is a writer. Not just a writer but also a poet.